Grant Opportunities

  • The Peoria Education Foundation enriches and supports educational excellence in the Peoria Unified School District by awarding grants to teachers and principals for projects outside the normal operating budget. As a result of grant funding, a truly fascinating spectrum of projects and programs has been implemented. These wonderful projects not only enhance the general learning environment, but also open the minds of young children to a broad palette of life's possibilities. The benefits of a grant project often go beyond the one-semester term of the actual award. New materials and equipment may support the regular curriculum for years to come.

2021 Update

  • The teacher grants program is currently on hold while the Peoria Education Foundation looks for new ways to support Peoria Unified staff during the pandemic. Additional details will be shared as soon as they are available.

Annual Grants

  • All educators are eligible to apply for annual Peoria Education Foundation grants. Typical grants range from $500 to $2,500. These grants can be used to fund innovative projects that demonstrate the potential to significantly improve student achievement. A committee of business leaders will evaluate and select the winning grants. Priority is given to those projects that can be replicated in other classrooms or can impact the learning environment of an entire school.

     Science teacher working with elementary students on catapult system

    Grants are awarded in the following areas:

    • Fine Arts
    • Service Learning
    • Character Counts
    • Literacy
    • Special Needs
    • Health and Wellness
    • Technology Integration
    • Math/Science
    • Principals' Staff Development
    • Resources for Arizona's College & Career Readiness Standards