Grants to Peoria Unified Educators

  • Each school year, the Foundation provides thousands of dollars in grants to teachers and principals in the Peoria Unified School District. Thanks to the Peoria Education Foundation, dozens of teachers receive funds each year to enrich their classrooms with invaluable things to enhance the learning experience such as art, technology, literacy resources and science materials.

Scholarships for Peoria Unified Students

  • The Foundation also provides four different scholarship opportunities for Peoria Unified high school seniors to use for higher education. Through the Against all Odds Scholarship Program, students who have overcome amazing obstacles in their lives receive funds for post-secondary classes. The Community Service Scholarships rewards those deserving seniors who gave more than 60 hours of community service back to our neighborhoods while maintaining high academic standards during their high school career. The Joseph McCord Memorial Scholarship is for seniors who are passionate about history. The Dr. Santarelli Leadership Scholarship is awarded to seniors who demonostrate stellar leadership qualities in their school and community.

    Through the work of the Foundation, the students of the Peoria Unified School District are experiencing a rewarding educational journey that is both instructional and interactive. Together, with support from our community, we can assist students to accomplish more than ever before. We can give the gift of education and opportunities for students to develop their potential and plan for success in their future.

Contributions to the Arts in Peoria Unified

  • The Foundation doesn’t just help with academics. Each year, we partner with the Peoria Unified Arts Education Department and the City of Peoria to sponsor the Annual Peoria Arts & Cultural Festival, which highlights more than 2,500 pieces of student artwork and more than 2,500 student artists who performed in bands, strings, choirs, drama and dance. Kindergarteners through seniors participate in this exciting arts-filled event with more than 16,000 attendees. Each year, approximately $15,000 is raised for arts programs across the district through this event.